On the Edge

Hurricane DouglasIt’s an odd thing, waiting on the edge of a storm.  But that’s where we’re at as we wait to see what becomes of Hurricane Douglas.

Yesterday was my first official full day back at work.  It was the first time all of our faculty and staff were able to be on campus as a regular day since mid-March.  Time compresses in funny ways.  And of course, the time there was tinged with wonder about an uptick in reported Covid cases and the timing and trajectory of Douglas.

The first half of today was pretty normal.  Woke up, took a quick walk south, met a friend for breakfast, ran some errands.  The afternoon brought time to close up windows, move around some plants, and try to leak-proof a door.  It will be some time, though, before we see how successful these efforts will be.  Most of the evening was spent with the neighbors, walking and talking and eating.

And all the while, a few hundred miles away, the waters and the air are churning.  We have, of course, been here before.  But it feels a little different, a little more subdued.  I hope it doesn’t end up a “days of Noah” type thing where we don’t realize what’s actually going on.  Or maybe we’re just kind of numb to things . . . that and we have pandemic supplies sitting around thus removing the need to panic shop.

We’re looking at early afternoon tomorrow for things to really pick up (there’s hardly even a breeze right now).  Many churches have cancelled their services.  Many of those, of course, can go online easily in light of the last few months.  And the hope is that it won’t linger long, that it will head north and leave us out of its path.

(image from hawaiinewsnow.com)

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