Between the Soup and the Sushi

Tuesday was my first day back full-time to school.  After the last meeting, I headed downtown to grab some sushi for dinner.  The kind folks at Ahi and Vegetable add a salad and miso soup to their meals, so I usually start there while the sushi chills a little in the fridge.  Somewhere between the miso soup and the sushi I took an almost-hour-long nap.  And then I slept pretty well later in the evening.  Turns out that I was worn out.

The pieces of the school year are slowly falling into place.  We spent our fourth quarter online, so we’ve got some kind of foundation to build off of should we need to return there.  At the same time, the last two days have reminded me of things that can be frustrating in such situations.

At the end of this morning’s gathering, I spoke some of the Andy Crouch/Praxis imagery of blizzard/winter/ice age.  I’ve said before that it’s been a good way for me to get some kind of handle on things.  The tension comes in trying to live in between the images.  Just because it’s “ice age” in one area doesn’t mean that it’s the same in other places.  And yet . . .  We’ve been able to keep the numbers low in Hawaii, but the last few days have seen a rise in numbers.  Granted, Hurricane Douglas might have backed up numbers some, but it’s still something to reflect on.

All of which to say?  What have we learned?  What are we learning?  What are the implications of what we have learned?  How do you keep things in mind when so many things present themselves as pressing concerns?  The next week or so will tell, of course, but only for a short window of time.  It’s like the game changes every few days.  It’ a time of moving targets.  How do we adjust while keeping steady and significant aim?

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