SHIELD at the End

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD wrapped up its seven-season run tonight doing what it’s done best: playing by its own rules.  While there was one big nod to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was more about science than characters.  Still, the two-parter still brought the feels, even as it brought many things full-circle.  (It also makes me want to go back and rewatch the end of season six, but I imagine I’ll get there some time soon.)  And while it didn’t take the path I had hoped, it still wrapped things up with a nice bow or two.  Here’s the final scene, which ABC posted a few hours ago.  I wouldn’t normally post something so final and so spoilery so quickly, but this is more for posterity’s sake.

Scripted television is now over for a good while, it seems.  And when it comes back, there won’t be any Marvel on ABC.  But that’s okay.  SHIELD had a good run.

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