Why It Matters

I’ve always been interesting in what can be found at the intersection of faith and art.  Now it’s also a bigger part of my task at work.  So when I found out that Christianity Today had published a piece featuring Sara Groves and W. David O. Taylor, I was sure to check it out to pass it on to my friend in the Fine Arts department.  It’s a really good piece.  And while it spends a good bit of time with the arts and the Pentecostal church, it also acknowledges the challenges of faith and the arts in a broader context.  It’s definitely worth the read, if only because Sara Groves is an amazing musician and Taylor has some interesting categories for “inspiration and the arts” to consider.

As is often the case, though, the article saves the best for last.  Groves gets the last good word, and it is worth remembering:

Not less of me, more of God; but all of me, all of God—a profound mystery.

Here’s Sara Groves singing one of my favorite songs, “Why It Matters,” which also has something to say about the arts.

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