Email Excitement

Today I received an email from an author that has been shaping my life over the last twenty years.  The connection got made because I’m working on a professional development opportunity for our school and I’m working with someone who knows someone.  In a moment of realization at our last Zoom meeting, we made what I’ll call a “convictional” connection about faith and learning.  So I spent a snippet of my afternoon crafting a response that was very grateful and not too fan-boyish.  I’m hoping that something can be developed that could lead to some professional development at school, but a simple email is enough for now.

+ + + + + + +

The days continue to be packed.  Not in a miserable sense, mind you, but definitely in a way that is mentally taxing, a way that leaves you wanting to veg out at night.  School continues to be something of a focal point over at  It’s that time of year.  Classic Calvin and Hobbes sees Calvin getting math tutoring from his dad after a difficult parent-teacher conference.  Meanwhile, over in classic Peanuts, Sally is starting things off with a great amount of gusto:

Peanuts Sally CapitalsAnd then there’s Frazz, where jokes about online learning have turned to a philosophical discussion about knowledge and imagination:

Frazz Imagining Pizza

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