At the Movies

These have been interesting days to be a movie-goer.  After a few weeks away, I made it back last week to see A Writer’s Odyssey, an epic Chinese fantasy story about worlds overlapping in dangerous ways.  This morning, I caught an morning showing Crisis, a horrible title for a good movie (because doesn’t every movie involve some kind of crisis?).  It’s a drug trafficking movie, which means it wasn’t all that funny.  But it was good seeing Evangeline Lilly back on the screen (Kate’s got a gun).  There were three different stories that came together in a mostly-believable way.

We’re all waiting, of course, for the return of the big-budget spectaculars.  I don’t think Wonder Woman 1984 did as well as everyone hoped, so there’s definitely some big studio reticence.  And while Marvel’s Black Widow lingers, there’s always some good buzz for what’s next for Spider-Man.  This week saw some joking around about the name of the third installment (after Homecoming and Far From Home).  The actual title was revealed on a dry-erase board (and it is appropriately good).  Here’s the clip:

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