The first part of my spring break journey came to an end Friday.  I flew into Seattle Wednesday evening and made my way north to Anacortes.  It was great seeing the mountains, particularly on the interstate by Everett.  The sunshine was nice . . . and the last that I would see for over a day.  I drove into town, checked into my hotel, and made my way downstairs for a fish and chips dinner.

As per the forecast, rain fell all day Thursday.  I tried the hotel’s biscuits and gravy (too gourmet for me, I think) and then made my way to the Anacortes ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  It was a hard call, and not just because of the rain (which would have put a damper on anything outdoors).  The ferry was still running on Covid scheduling, so I would have to spend 3 hours at the harbor before returning to Anacortes.  And that wasn’t for me.  So I took the ferry, enjoyed the sights and the ride, and then made my way back to the mainland.  From there, I made my way to Burlington for lunch at Five Guys (totally overrated) and some shopping to get ready for the last part of the trip.  Then it was back to Anacortes for a chimichanga from Frida’s.

The rain moved out Thursday evening, though the clouds stuck around.  After checking out of the hotel, I made my way south to Deception Pass, a huge bridge that connects Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island.  I had a great time. You can see the many pictures to the right.  I went down to the beach on one side and to the wooded area on the other.  Plus I walked the length of the bridge on both sides. It was great being outside in a beautiful place.  It was also a great way to end phase one of the trip.

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