Doctor’s (Return) Visit

Just about nine years ago, we got this hum-dinger of a scene at the end of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special:

And yesterday, with Jodie Whitaker’s final episode, we got this:

Time will tell just how gimmicky the move to bring Tennant back is.  It will be for a short while, obviously.  And it was one last, nice twist in the episode after a number of other twists involving former iterations of the Doctor and various companions.  All together, this regeneration elevated a decent episode that capped off a frustrating run that was at its best when it embraced the frenetic and jumbled (here’s looking at you, Flux).

We’ve got a year to think about things and sift through rumors, rumors, and more rumors.  With the supposed return of Donna Noble, how could you expect anything less?

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