“Where Self-Improvement Goes to Die”

I’ll try and get back to Charles Taylor and the contemporary church tomorrow.  Today I’d like to past a weekday comic strip or two that I’ve saved for later but not gotten around to posting.

+ + + + + + +

Something interesting is going on in the classic Peanuts strip.  Turns out the school the kids attend, and that Sally sometimes talks to, has given up . . .

Peanuts School Down 1And the immediate consequence for the kids?

Peanuts School Down 2Leaves you wondering what, if anything, Schulz was trying to communicate.

+ + + + + + +

Frazz has been great during this “new year” season.  This recent strip has some great dialogue and a resounding sentiment . . .

Frazz Self Improvement“January is where self-improvement goes to die” is just a great line.

+ + + + + + +

Finally, a classic Calvin and Hobbes.  Watterson did such an amazing job rendering a great moment.  His use of shadow is amazing.  This one-panel black-and-white strip ranks up there with the best of the Sunday strips in so many ways.

Calvin Fire PlaceSome days I’m a little sad that the classic Calvin and Hobbes strips aren’t retooled or colored.  But strips like this exceed expectations by remaining in black and white.

(images from gocomics.com)

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