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“The Story We Carry in Our Bones”

One of my “best moments” in 2018 was the opportunity I had in the summer to “hang out” with James K. A. Smith for a while.  Not long, mind you, as there were a few dozen other people at Laity … Continue reading

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Technology and the Season

Yesterday I mentioned reading C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity as one of the “practices” that I’m putting in place for the Advent season.  Suggestions for times like these usually involve both adding and removing from the routine to help set … Continue reading

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2016 and Questions of Habit, Routine, and Ritual

I suppose the book that most shaped 2016 for me was James K. A. Smith’s You Are What You Love.  The book, which dropped in the spring, was a recapitulation of Smith’s earlier work on “cultural liturgies” with more practical … Continue reading

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Habit and Habits

Seth Godin recently posted some thoughts on habit, mainly through the lens of things like anger.  I’ve been thinking a lot about habit lately, through the lenses of faith (James Smith) and psychology (Charles Duhigg).  Godin says: Habits are great … Continue reading

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