Simple Song for the MacLaren’s Gang

I just finished a longer-than-anticipated rewatch of the eighth season of How I Met Your Mother.  Complain all you want about how the ninth season ended, but the eighth season’s wrap stands out as one of my favorite moments from the show.

What you get in the episode is the set up of a perfect storm.  The show’s five primary characters are converging on a wedding from various places and with various secrets and plans (new jobs, new places of residence).  And then, as the scenes play out, the audience gets to see something that none of those primary characters knows is coming . . . the Mother.

It’s a wonderfully-staged convergence (aided mightily by The Shin’s “Simple Song.”  One that chokes me up every time (and that I’ll probably repost every few years just because it’s so good).  The only weakness of this particular clip is that it doesn’t include the conversation between Ted and Lily, which gives some even greater context.  Have to save something for the show, I suppose.

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