George Lucas Has the Spear of Destiny

This week, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finally achieved excellence.  In this week’s episode, “Raiders of the Lost Art,” the team of misfits traveled to 1967 to track down the Spear of Destiny (fictionally said to be the spear that pierced the side of Jesus on the cross) before the “Legion of Doom.”  They end up encountering the man that brought the team together in the first place- Rip Hunter, mind scrambled and working on a film with George Lucas.  Convoluted?  Sure.  But also lots of fun to watch.  Here’s an extended scene from the episode . . . one that takes place in a trash compactor.

The episode was amazingly tongue-in-cheek, especially when Lucas decides to leave film school . . . and thus radically changing the fates of two of the show’s main characters.  And it accomplished all this while moving a complicated time travel narrative forward.

I’m glad Legends was picked up for a third season a few weeks ago.  I’m sad that the show is shining a bit more than it’s new Tuesday companion, The Flash.  I’m looking forward to how this season of Legends ends.

+ + + + +

Meanwhile, the CW shows seem to be fully embracing the shared-universe(s) concept.  This week’s Supergirl brought in a Dominator (last seen in the four-series crossover).  And tonight’s Arrow brought in the Earth-2 Canary, last seen at the end of the second season of The Flash.  These kind of cross-series nods are also something to look forward to (as long as they play them right and mostly without fanfare).

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