Map or Globe?

america-globeSeth Godin recently posted some thoughts that might be helpful in getting a handle on the world we are all trying to navigate.  From a post titled “Maps or Globes”:

If someone needs directions, don’t give them a globe. It’ll merely waste their time.

But if someone needs to understand the way things are, don’t give them a map. They don’t need directions, they need to see the big picture.

I think our technical society is at least somewhat proficient with the “maps” of the world around us.  Not perfect, but proficient.  Not perfect because even the best of maps might be just outdated enough to require some off-the-cuff navigation.

It’s the globe that matters.  And it’s the globe that we might be arguing over most.  If the globe is the big picture, then we all have our take on which globe gives the best big picture.  Without sounding redundant: your globe is your worldview.  The world is the same; the lenses are the difference.  We often don’t realize that we’re giving second-story arguments without really considering basic presuppositions (foundation and basement talk).

Worldview is not without its weaknesses (see James K. A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom).  Worldview done poorly remains too abstract, doesn’t have the necessary flesh and bone.  And so a worldview, an image of the world in the shape of a globe, cannot simply be a framework.  It has to be a shared reality.

As so many before me have noted, these days we are arguing about fruit with no regard for the root, about consequence with no regard for ultimate cause.  Those are the conversations we need to have.

You can read more of Godin’s thoughts on all kinds of things here.

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