Lightning Round of Potential

It’s important to forget, I think, that Dave Eggers’ The Circle is first and foremost a thriller.  The trailers for the soon-dropping flick build well, which means you’re more likely to go in expecting sharp turns.  The book, the overall story, allows for some slow buy-in, a kind of patience that leads to pity.  You get a sense of a slow, human build in this clip with Emma Watson and Nate Corddry (of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip).

In the end, Watson has to do the hard sale.  I think she’s up for it, but it will require some real willing suspension of disbelief (particularly for those of us who see her primarily as Hermione).  Perhaps that’s where the thriller part of the story will carry us all away.

Here’s hoping that The Circle will catch us by surprise in a couple of weeks.

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