To the Dark Tower, Come

Today saw the release of the first trailer for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.  Check it out.

Some initial thoughts: it looks good.  Is it as gritty as the source material?  Not at all.  There are books in the series that I told myself I probably wouldn’t read again because of the rough content.  But it looks good.  Casting McConaughey as the Man in Black is genius.  The story, of course, is King’s (American) answer to The Lord of the Rings: it’s sprawling and epic with deep roots and bleak possibilities.  That doesn’t come through as much as I’d hoped.  In fact, it isn’t really until we get the voice-over at the end that it feels truly like The Gunslinger.  I hope that there are enough rough edges and hints in the finished product that it’s a movie world that we want to return to after one visit.  (There’s also the danger of seven books being collapsed into one or a handful of movies.  I hope they have rejected that impulse.)

You’ve got a few months to get your ka-tet together, though.  I’m half-tempted to reread the series (with the original, shorter version of the first book), but I’m just not sure I’m at the place for it.

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