Stonehenge and Oxford

A few days behind posting anything trip-related here.  WiFi has been a little sketchier than I had anticipated, so I’ll try and get a few things ready for the next bit.

The second day “on tour” was a morning at Stonehenge and an afternoon in Oxford. It’s interesting to see how things like time and timing work out in situations, particuarly if you’ve been there before.  Stonehenge was good, as always.  It’s easy to forget that lighting is a big thing for locations like that. Here’s the closest thing I got to a picture that I really like:

img_0068-1It’s a nice blend of blue and green and grey, all a little muted.  It was a beautiful morning.

After a quick lunch at Stonehenge, we made our way to Oxford, where we had a great walking tour by a recent Oxford student.  We covered most of the places I had a seen before and then some.  We also go to see a small free exhibit that had a copy of a Shakespeare First Folio and one of JRR Tolkien’s Father Christmas Letters (which ended up being the only thing you couldn’t take a picture of.  We didn’t get to spend any quality time in the Eagle & Child, which was unfortunate.  I did get to run in, though, only to find that the back section had been turned in to a fine-drinks bar.  Ah, well.

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