York (and back again)

Our fifth day of travel (or fourth, if our first travel day is not included) took us to York, which is always a fun, historical romp.  This day brought a ride through the country before entering the walled city with York Minster at its heart.  The day wasn’t too busy, which is always nice.  Beyond that, there’s a “new” store selling Harry Potter store in the “Shambles” area of the city, which is the part that inspired Diagon Alley in Potter-lore.  I got to eat in my favorite little pizzeria and walk the area between the Shambles and the Minster.  Before dinner, though, we attended an evensong service at the Minster.  It was sung service, which isn’t quite my favorite.  Still, it was good to be in a place of silence and song.  The Old Testament reading was from the time of Elisha.  The New Testament reading was from Jesus’s talk of a kingdom divided against itself.  Here’s a picture of the Minster from just before the service.

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