Actively Waiting (cultural liturgies again)

We’re less than a month away from the release of the third and final volume of James K. A. Smith’s “Cultural Liturgies” series.  That series, which started back in 2009, was formative in how I started thinking about worldview and its limitations.  And while I found the second book in the series less engaging than the first, I’ve had hopes for this final volume for some time.  Here’s the first short video made by the publishers featuring Smith talking about the book, Awaiting the King.

Even though the book doesn’t drop until November, you can read small chunks of it through sites like Amazon.  There you can read the book’s introduction, which reveals more about how the book has changed since inception.  I’ll post a few more videos of Smith previewing the book prior to the release.  I do think the book could be one of the most significant of the year.

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