Previewing the Oasis

The second trailer for Spielberg’s Ready Player One dropped yesterday, and it’s just what a second trailer needs to be.  Definitely more is revealed about the quest of the story.  More than that, the trailer points well to the stakes of the story, the tension that rises throughout the story as the lead character gets deeper into the origins and ownership of the Oasis.  Here’s that trailer (in case you missed it):

Funny thing: this is the first year in a while where the end of the year isn’t making me all that excited, movie-wise.  I’m interested in The Last Jedi, of course, but even that feels muted on this side of The Force Awakens and Rogue One.  I’m interested in Molly’s Game, but mainly for the Sorkin script.  I caught Lady Bird in Victoria, and it was good enough.  But yeah.  So things like this make March feel a long way from now.

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