Almost the Last Jedi

F6D53413-0EEB-43EC-996B-0072ED813473So I’m a few hours away from catching a Thursday night showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  This is the least I’ve known about a Star Wars movie yet.  I did a decent job of staying away from the second trailer (until seeing it before Thor: Ragnarok, I think).  I’ve been encouraged by headlines hailing the movie as something special (so far I’ve only seen one negative headline).

So this afternoon I’m thinking back to life with The Force Awakens (thanks to some time explaining the series to some bewildered co-workers).  I remember really enjoying the movie (calling it a movie for our times).  The world, of course, has changed a lot since then (including the sense of who, exactly, the Empire or First Order might represent).  If anything hampered the beginning of this particular trilogy, it was the seeming need to echo A New Hope (or, as I like to call it, Star Wars).  Granted, the echoes weren’t as slavish as that of The Phantom Menace, but still.  Even the things that set it apart the most were a kind of echo of the original.  So the question is whether or not this story can break the mold (even as it will forever, regardless of storyline, be compared to Empire Strikes Back).  I’ve seen some headlines that say yes, that The Last Jedi accomplishes that amazingly.  The question, I suppose, will boil down to what the sense of direction ends up being.  I remember wondering if The Force Awakens who set childhood imaginations on fire.  Not sure it did, in the long run (or even if you can really judge that).  Perhaps The Last Jedi will move that possibility light years forward.

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