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Speeding Up, Slowing Down

One of the more subtle yet significant issues of Mark Waid’s first run on The Flash back in the 90s was Flash #91 (cover pictured to the right).  It was near the end of artist Mike Wieringo’s run on the … Continue reading

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Concerning the Second Sunday of Lent

We are now well into the second full week of the Lenten season.  Last week I wrote a bit about the first Sunday of Lent and the two sermons that I heard that day (connecting them with some of my … Continue reading

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A Song of Significant Days

It’s a good (but all too rare) thing to find good music that you just have to sit with for a while.  That’s the case with this second song from Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters: Prologue ep.  Plus it’s a nice … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Pardon the Interruption

Today’s classic Peanuts by Charles Schulz: appropriate on any number of levels. (image from

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Moving Like Lightning

This week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (besides being the only scripted show for me to watch this week) was a nice, Groundhog’s Day episode that worked well at humanizing one of the “colder” members of the cast.  And while the … Continue reading

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More Than Just Peanuts

This week had a handful of quality Peanuts comics strips.  They are definitely artifacts from a  different era, nestled in a place that childhood today probably skips . . . or trips . . . over.  Consider this classic from … Continue reading

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Calendar, Man

Yesterday I posted some reflections on the first Sunday of Lent and how even my own mental picture the Christian season of preparation before Easter might have to change . . . or not. At the heart of this, as … Continue reading

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