Imagination Under Fire?

After the fourth grade-level camp of the year, I made my way to the theater to catch a showing of (the very well-made) Black Panther.  Lots of good trailers beforehand.  One that wasn’t there, though, was the March-dropping Ready Player One (which I’ve mentioned here before).  Here’s a recent trailer that definitely brings in more of the “stakes” of the story without giving away some of the greater specifics of the book.  I’m very hopeful that Spielberg does the story justice.  I’m also glad that the movie is just over one month away.

Saw the Solo trailer on the big screen for the first time, too.  The big screen moment is always good (because as good as they are, laptop screens just can’t do what the big screen can).  I’m hopeful with this, too.  But I also think my expectations have sobered up some.

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