What We Owe to Each Other

This last part of the second season of The Good Place has seen the “existential quartet” confront “the Judge” to plead their case as changed people.  Last week we say each member face a challenge, a test, to see how much they had actually changed.  Here’s Tahani’s test:

The season finale aired Thursday night, and I just got the chance to catch it.  Perhaps the only thing more surprising that the way the first season ended is the finale of the second.   It took things in what is probably the most obvious direction  . . . which I didn’t see coming at all.  And all while using the language of ethics.  And it also folded back into something from the middle of the first season, which was pretty cool.

We’ve probably got a good while to wait for the third season.  Which is fine as long as they concoct a season as wonderfully enriching and twisted as this one.

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