Thoughts from the Road

The traveling has gone well these last few days. While it’s been a little rainier than usual for us, we’ve still had more than our fair share of sun. We spent Monday in London, starting with the Globe and ending with dinner just beyond Trafalgar Square. We walked a lot.

Today was spent at Stonehenge (in the morning) and Oxford (for lunch and dinner). I was able to pick up a couple of Rivers of London novels (one as signed!). I also bought sodas for my group at the Eagle and Child, which was great as always.

I definitely feel like I’m showing my age on this trip. I’m a little more by-the-books and systematic (a trait that has been growing more and more these last few years). Having gone on the trip a number of time also changes the feel of things. There’s also something odd about being the one who is always trying to keep things on schedule. You hold it as best you can, of course: not too tightly, but also not too loosely. And there always has to be room for discovery. But you’ve also got places to go and promises to keep.

+ + + + + + +

These last few days of my Old Testament readings have come from the stories of Hegelian in both Kings and Chronicles. I found Chronicles’ retelling of Hezekiah’s reform to be quite moving. It’s easy to forget just how “far gone” the people had been prior to his kingship. Besides that, I found the Kings story of what happened after Samaria is resettled by Assyria … and I’m not even talking about the part with the lions. It’s about the inability of the people to understand and hold on to the faith. A very sobering passage to reflect on more.

+ + + + + + +

Tomorrow we make our way to Stratford-upon-Avon. The weather should be really nice. Hopefully, we’ll go boating on the river. We’ll end the day with a presentation of King John by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Hoping it’s good enough to keep us all awake!

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