The One with the Spoilers

This morning I caught a matinee showing of Greta Gerwig’s adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.  I was up for a movie but didn’t quite feel ready to walk back into The Rise of Skywalker again.  I had heard great things of Gerwig’s adaptation and found Lady Bird, her previous movie, quite enjoyable.  The same can be said of Little Women, which I have not read but have known key plot points for many years because of this classic scene from Friends:

Even with years of foreknowledge (really only the Beth part), the spoiled passing was heart-breaking.  While I’ve not read Alcott’s novel, Gerwig uses flashbacks to add depth and definition to the moments in the “present.”  It adds a real sense of things “lost and found” in the relationships between and beyond the four sisters.  And there are many things lost and found throughout the movie’s run-time.  Gerwig’s movie is the kind of work that is so well-done that it will eventually be taken for granted.

+ + + + + + +

One trailer before the movie stood out to me.  I had forgotten that there was another sequel in the Ghostbusters franchise due this year.  And it took a while for me to realize what trailer I was actually watching, which is kind of astonishing to me.  It looks very different, which means it could be very good.  I find I often enjoy the work of Jason Reitman, the director.

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