Spyfall with Spoilers

Well, I spent most of today on an airplane or two.  I have to admit, the American Airlines route from HNL to BNA through ORD is quite good.  The success of it depends on weather and delays, I think, but it worked out well for me this time.  The only major hitch was that the place I usually get biscuits and gravy at BNA is closed for reservations.  Ah well.  Being on a plane is only slightly connected to the following clip from last night’s new season of Doctor Who.  Spoilers from here on out.

Before getting to the clip: Last night’s episode had one wonderfully subtle moment that encapsulates my frustrations with the last season (Jodie Whitaker’s first in the title role)- the history of the character never really played a role.  Granted, they tried a little bit of that with Eccleston’s Doctor, but even then there were still dark hints at what had gone before.  So when Sacha Dhawan’s O mentions a whole shelf of research on the Doctor that Graham has no concept of, I felt like things were finally going in the right direction.  And then, at the end of the episode, this scene happened:

It’s the most I’ve been surprised by the show in some time.  And while we won’t know the extent of things until Sunday’s “episode two,” I’d like to think that showrunner Chris Chibnall knows what he’s doing as he slowly (or is it quickly?) embraces the deeper history of the Doctor.

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