Questions, Answers, and Timbits

A couple of creative approaches to Our Current Moment that resonate with me as a fan of things today.  The first is a recent piece by Dave Eggers that satirizes the confusion of our times.  I may not agree with all of the conclusions, but he shines a light on some of the frustrating parts of each day.  It’s set up as a question-and-answer that folds in on itself over and over again.  You can read it here.

And then there’s Cobie Smulders’ “remake” of her classic How I Met Your Mother song, “Let’s Go to the Mall.”  The original song, which debuted early in the series, brought the revelation that before she was a wanna-be TV reporter, Robin Scherbatsky was a teen pop star in Canada (where pop culture was always ten years behind America).  It’s nice seeing an actor who has moved far from her sitcom roots return to a favorite moment.  And it’s always good to see multiple talents at play.  For your enjoyment and edification: “Let’s Go to the Mall: Quarantine Edition.”

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