Espionage in the Days of Disco

Today has been a day!  It started before the crack of dawn with the second Zoom meeting for my summer audit class, Pastoral Ministry in the Modern Novel.  Today we discussed what we had learned from Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton.  I’ve known of the novel’s existence for a long time but had never given it a read.  I really enjoyed it . . . it read much faster than Gilead while also being a good bit heavier content-wise.  The conversation this morning was good.  I’m obviously one of the oldest people in the class.  Many of them are involved in regular pastoral ministry, so it’s refreshing to hear young pastors articulate their concerns, fears, and joys.

Beyond that, today was a work day at school for me.  I’ve mostly gotten my classroom ready for social distancing in August.   I also had some work to do to get ready for opening things up in July with faculty and staff.  Called some family and friends.  Did some yard work.  Spent some time with the neighbors.  And now I’m catching up on this week’s Agents of SHIELD (which I’ve been writing about way too much lately).

SHIELD has been jumping up the time stream on a quest to keep things on course, which means they’ve been messing up in bits and pieces along the way.  But the show has been having some fun with things, including how they do opening credits and title sequence.  This week’s episode was a great nod to the 70s.

And here’s the preview for next week’s episode.  Looks like they’ll be in the seventies at least a little while longer.

And that’s enough TV talk for a few days, I hope.  This weekend should bring something with a bit more substance . . . or at least a comic strip or two.

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