SHIELD on the Island

Last day of June, as crazy as that sounds.  In just a few hours we start the second half of 2020.  Lots of fears (and jokes, for some) about what the next few months might bring.  We are in uncharted territory, I fear.  I spent the morning in the classroom getting rid of things that should have been cleaned out ten years ago.  Afternoons are weird for me: not quite back into a routine then, which is why I end up staying up later than anticipated.  I did finish Wright’s pandemic book.  And I’m slowly getting through Radner’s “figural reading of the Christian Scriptures” book, which is a good challenge for me as it is completely out of my comfort zone.  Alas, I spent no time in the third book for my pastoral ministries class.  The week is a bit more of a work week than I had originally anticipated, but there are lots of moving parts and the school year starts sooner than we think.

My accidental Great Rewatch of Agents of SHIELD continues.  It does much better (1) years later and (2) in quick chunks.  Season two is when the show pivots into Inhumans territory.  It was always a bit weird (especially when compared to the comics), but at least the show owns it well.  And it becomes a necessary building block for later stories and seasons.  Today I caught an episode with a quick Hawaii scene.  No real time spent on the island, mind you.  But it’s a nice scene played with a straight face by Coulson.  Here’s the clip:

It’s nice watching a show where you’ve forgotten details but know how things end up (in general).

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