Fighting for Home

Well, it’s obviously been a comics-and-preview kind of week here at Space Enough, and Time.  While it hasn’t been the craziest of weeks, it has had its moments.  Today has been a mostly normal Saturday, just no movie theater.  Hopefully a properly productive day tomorrow.

Here’s one more trailer for WandaVision from Marvel and Disney+.  It’s great that the story is now moving forward in significant ways (that more easily connect it to the broader MCU narrative).  Not sure what to make of the big reveal at the end of this week’s episode, but it definitely puts an unexpected twist on things.  Here’s the “trailer” for the remaining four episodes of the season.

On some level, this feels like a proper, full-fledged cinematic trailer: nods to the whole story of Wanda and the Vision with major hints of what is next.  It would never have worked as the initial preview, mind you, but it’s good to have it now.

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