Miller and Church, More and Less

Bearing witness to the direction of Donald Miller’s work has been interesting.  He’s written some of my favorite books over the last ten years, and his blog has been a relatively constant encouragement to think about my faith.

This week Miller posted his current perspective on church.  “I Don’t Worship God by Singing.  I Connect with Him Elsewhere” pretty much says it all, but you can read it here.  It’s well-said and to the point.  It also caused quite the backlash, inspiring a firestorm of 415 comment responses.¹

The response was so strong that Miller put together a second, longer post to explain some things.  He took what he calls a “camera angle approach,” which I can appreciate.  It’s casting  a net more than sinking a line.  That post, “Why I Don’t Go to Church Very Often, a Follow Up Blog,” garnered over 450 comments.²  Lots of comments came through Twitter and other sources, including an interesting “Dear Donald Miller” posted to the Gospel Coalition and available here.

It’s all well-written, and it’s all insightful, comments included.  And it’s something churches would be wise to talk through.  Definitely worth thinking through in tandem with the Gushee article from earlier in the week.  People see things from different sides of the fence.  These posts are a good reminder of both how far we have to go AND how far we can go together.  I’m still trying to articulate my own recent journey with the local church.  Maybe someday soon I’ll get those thoughts down.


¹ Which is like 400% more than I usually get.

² But I’m not bitter.

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