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Reflecting on John

Today many Christians around the world spent time reflecting on the life of John the Evangelist, the apostle who penned a gospel and three letters found in the New Testament.  John is a fascinating figure on multiple levels, particularly with … Continue reading

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Prefacing Scary Close: Intersections

I remember well when my friend Cathy introduced me to Blue Like Jazz and the work of Donald Miller. It was early in my time in Hawaii, and it felt like I was finally settling into some kind of routine. … Continue reading

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“Did We Lose Don?”

We really are quite fortunate to live in a time where we have such easy access to so many different ways of thinking.  So many ideas out there competing for attention.  And yet sometimes it feels like people aren’t quite … Continue reading

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Miller and Church, More and Less

Bearing witness to the direction of Donald Miller’s work has been interesting.  He’s written some of my favorite books over the last ten years, and his blog has been a relatively constant encouragement to think about my faith. This week … Continue reading

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Creativity and Content

I recently met a friend for breakfast soon after he started advising a college newspaper.  As glad as I was to hear his news, I was especially excited about a phrase he used at least twice: it was important for … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is mostly over here in the islands.  Even still,  in the spirit of the day I pass on to you the best from the internet today (at least in my humble opinion). Donald Miller posted a quality ditty … Continue reading

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Miller and the Question of Contentment

Lately I’ve been spending a lot more time at home. I still make it to the gym and get to church a couple of times a week and enjoy talking to my students and neighbor, but for the most part, … Continue reading

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Donald Miller, Douglas Coupland, and Inauguration

I WAS QUITE PLEASED to see that Donald Miller had posted a blog entry about the Inauguration.  I was more than pleasantly surprised when I discovered that his post spoke well of Douglas Coupland’s Life after God, a series of … Continue reading

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Beware the Simplified Narrative

WE ARE ENTERING  AN INTERESTING NATIONAL CONVERSATION.  (In reality, we’re in the middle of a number of them already.)  The events of this past weekend are not something I feel competent to speak about.  I have been close to tragedy, … Continue reading

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Miller’s Long-Term Logistics

TIME AND VOCATION are interesting for me these days.  Many of the teachers that I started with have moved on.  And even though many of our new teachers are younger than me, I find myself mostly “leading” teachers who are … Continue reading

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