The Joy of Teaching

What started out as a quote about the particular love of teaching turned into a call for something more from pastors.  From VanHoozer and Strachan’s The Pastor as Public Theologian:

Stanley Woodworth, my high school French teacher, once described the peculiar passion for his own vocation in the following terms: “The joy of teachings lies not in one’s own enthusiasm for the students, or even for the subject matter, but rather for the privilege of introducing one to the other.”  If this is true of French, chemistry, or history, how much more is it true of the pastor’s passion, which is not simply love of God or love of people, but rather the love of introducing the one (people) to the other (God)?  The pastor’s special charge is to care for the people of God by speaking and showing and by being and doing God’s truth and love.  Success in ministry is determined not by numbers (e.g., people, programs, dollars) but by the increase of people’s knowledge and love of God.  This is the only way “to present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28).


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