What’s Your Line?

Yesterday afternoon I shared this video with my colleagues:

I’ve been playing “90-Second Alphabet” for years, mostly with communication skills classes and in homerooms.  After reading Kevin VanHoozer’s Drama of Doctrine, though, I started to see an interesting connection between the game and the biblical story.

Playing off the idea of the biblical-story-as-a-play, VanHoozer suggests that Christians in our part should as one question in particular: how can we play our roles in the story fittingly?  We know what is fitting because of what we see happening in the story before us.

I posed the question of connection between this improv game and the nature of the biblical story, and I was excited to hear all of the answers: things about being in a story where certain things have already been determined, the nature of having to work and speak in community, the fact that there are some “letters” that are difficult and yet necessary to complete the task, the presence of an end-point in both.  All things true about the story that we are in together.

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