Being Free in Crazy Times

art-of-being-freeThere exists a handful of what you might call “magisterial works” that I would like to say that I have read.  Augustine’s City of God (working on it), MacIntyre’s After Virtue, DFW’s Infinite Jest, Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age all come to mind.  Another is Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America.  I’ve known about it since college but have yet to check it out, purchase it, or even really peruse it.  So I was glad to hear that a book about it had been written and that it was apropos for our time.  I’m just over 100 pages into James Poulos’s The Art of Being Free.  And while it takes a while to get used to his style (super-personal and energetic voice), it’s definitely giving me a good primer on a work of national significance.  One of his key assertions, taken from Tocqueville, is that we live in crazy times, and that such crazy times are “baked into” what it means to be American and always in a state of change.

Here’s a recent interview Poulos did with Larry King about the book and about other points of interest in these crazy times in which we live. It’s a good watch, even if the book is only talked about half the time.

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