Fellowship of Legends

Tonight DC’s Legends of Tomorrow traveled to World War I and the Battle of the Somme to track down some literary help from JRR Tolkien.  The show has used the idea of the “Spear of Destiny” (the spear that pierced Jesus’ side and also used in the comics) as a thread for much of the season, and getting rid of it involves a legend in Tolkien’s area of expertise.   The episode is full of nice one-liners that fans of the books and movies will catch.  Consider:

And when they finally meet Tolkien, exchanges like this happen:

And while the episode doesn’t wrap up as neatly as the George Lucas adventure from earlier in the season, you still get a sense of the seriousness of things with some nice moments of humor.  Here’s a production video bringing in some of the creators’ thoughts on the episode.

We’ve got two episodes left in what has been a season markedly better than the previous.  Hopefully they’ll get the ring into the lake of fire, if you know what I mean.

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