Life by the Right Rule

tech-wisePerhaps the most wonderfully frustrating thing about Andy Crouch’s The Tech-Wise Family is its reminder that daily life matters.  It is in the day-in and day-out, Crouch asserts, that something like character is formed. For Crouch, the family is key to proper formation.  And proper formation is tactile, physical.  Too often in contemporary life, the stuff that shapes us is abstracted, diffuse and indifferent.  That’s especially true for those of us living the single life far from day-to-day family.  This realization, Crouch’s basic assertion of a rule for contemporary life, is enough to make the book special.

The most powerful choices we will make in our lives are not about specific decisions but about patterns of life: the nudges and disciplines that will shape all our other choices.  This is especially true with technology.  Technology comes with a powerful set of nudges– the default settings of our “easy-everywhere” culture.

Crouch presents some real wisdom within the 200 little pages of The Tech-Wise Family. He understands the stakes, though, and that the stakes are high.  Also from the introduction:

We are continually being nudged by our devices toward a set of choices.  The question is whether those choices are leading us to the life we actually want.  I want a life of conversation and friendship, not distraction and entertainment; but every day, many times a day, I’m nudged in the wrong direction.

Crouch’s book helps “nudge” us back into a better direction and way of life.  Over the next three days, I’m going to mention three personal highlights from the book.  I cannot recommend the book enough, particularly if you have a young family or work with students and their parents.

You can purchase the book here or (hopefully) at your local bookseller.

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