Beyond Working Lonely

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some thoughts on what set Parks and Recreation apart from the other comedies of its particular moment.  I stand by my assertion that of all the Thursday night shows on NBC from the time, the Parks and Rec gang was the group that really embraced the idea of friendship in a way the others couldn’t.  But yesterday’s post about loneliness at work brought to mind two particular moments from The Office that keep it in the running.  The first is great, but the second has the money quote.  First: Jim says farewell to Michael.

And then, in the final clip involving a missed connection with Pam, Michael makes a profound statement for our times.

It’s highly possible that I’ve shared both clips before on this site, but that’s okay.  It is good to be reminded of these things, these moments, as fictional and extreme as they might seem.  Something I’ve slowly learned over the last few years of working with seniors is that “sometimes the things that often ‘go without saying’  actually need to be said.”  Even if it took years to get there for people like Jim, Pam, and Michael Scott.

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