“Just a Case of the Mondays”

Lots on my mind today as I think about classes and meetings and next week’s chapel.  I’m almost done with Root’s Congregation in a Secular Age.  I have to admit, this trilogy is right up their with Smith’s Kingdom trilogy and O’Donovan’s Ethics as Theology trilogy.  It affirms things for me while pushing me on to think differently about some key sociological things.  There has been some real points of connection with the job that I love as well as the job that I’ve sort of inherited.  And the implications for church are pretty spot-on, too, I think.

I got the first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday.  The state recently opened it up to teachers.  On one level, I’m a little surprised that I jumped at it as quickly as I did.  But it’s been over a year since I’ve been to Tennessee (let alone Canada or Scotland, which will likely remain closed to travel for a while yet).  Once in the system, things ran quite smoothly.  I got back in four weeks for round two.

+ + + SPOILERS + + +

WandaVision on Disney+ finally kicked it up a notch this last week.  Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoyed how well the leads played things in the style of old sitcoms.  But the necessary first reveal (with many more to come) was made, and it’s enough to make you speculate even more.  Rumor has it that things continue to get kicked up a notch with this week’s episode.  Disney+ released a trailer, which is interesting to me as it definitely gives some things away (and yet, does it really?).

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