(Winter) Soldiering On

The Super Bowl is almost upon us.  And while things feel at least a little bit muted from a broad cultural perspective (which is not the case if your a fan of a playing team), there’s still the promise of some interesting commercials and trailers.  Which is why we get a trailer for a trailer like this one:

WandaVision has definitely whetted people’s appetite for more Marvel, I think.  It really is interesting that they are building their television shows around more secondary/side-characters.  It’s a nice way of adding both depth and some breadth to the universe.  The real test will be when the movies pick back up with these characters- seeing who or what comes with them from the small screen.  It will also be interesting to see these particular characters in the hands of creators that are not the Russo brothers, who have shepherded these characters through their last four movies.

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