Rings in the New Age

It’s been some time since Amazon first announced their plans to adapt the stories by Tolkien that preceded the age of hobbits and the One Ring.  This past Sunday, they finally released a teaser trailer for the September-premiering The Rings of Power.  There aren’t many rings in the trailer, but there are a lot of nice, wide shots.

There are, of course, Tolkien fans who are upset about things.  Any adaptation runs the risk of veering from the source material and offending long-time fans.  But I think I’ll take the approach of enjoying whatever you get.  Sure, there might be things that go against the general approach that Tolkien took to his work.  It will be what it will be.  But the books, those great books, will always be there.

So here’s looking to a few more months of teasers and possible trailers and to seeing whether or not it is possible to tell some stories visually that have never been told that way before.

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