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On Tour with Tuor

There was a time where I thought this summer would be the time to reread the Lord of the Rings.  I even  packed my bags in preparation for it.  But to read LOTR is no small task, not something to … Continue reading

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Rings in the New Age

It’s been some time since Amazon first announced their plans to adapt the stories by Tolkien that preceded the age of hobbits and the One Ring.  This past Sunday, they finally released a teaser trailer for the September-premiering The Rings … Continue reading

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Let the Took Decide

From The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien: As they sang the hobbit felt the love of beautiful things  made by hands and by cunning and by magic moving through him, a fierce and a jealous love, the desire of the hearts … Continue reading

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Taking a Walk with Tolkien and Lewis

Turns out that September 19 is something of a significant date in the world of Tolkien and Lewis.  I found this out because of a post by Justin Taylor over at the Gospel Coalition.  Below is a dramatization of a … Continue reading

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TV Spot for The Hobbit Airs

WHO CARES about the trailer for Iron Man 3 when there’s a new TV spot for The Hobbit? Spin-Off Online and Empire are reporting that the first of three new films from Peter Jackson is clocking in at 2 hours … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Return of the (Once and Future) King

I’M NOT SURE HOW I WENT A WEEK NOT KNOWING THIS, but J. R. R. Tolkien has a new book coming out in 2013.  And it could be a good one. Before Tolkien sat down to write The Hobbit, he … Continue reading

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