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Stranger Thors

This past week was an interesting one with popular long-form storytelling.  I was able to catch the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 while also watching the fourth Thor movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  While I enjoyed them … Continue reading

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Darryl’s (Mighty) Adventure Continues

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Darryl, the former roommate of the mighty Thor.  Here’s a clip tied to this week’s release of Thor: Ragnarok. Darryl as Topaz?  That would be hilarious.

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Hammer’s Time

It was good that we got one last shot of The Mighty (“Donald Blake”) Thor wielding Mjolnir as a simple umbrella in the most recent cinematic outing of the Norse hero.  Even the earliest preview of Thor: Ragnarok showed us … Continue reading

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What We Do in the Nine Realms

Just back from a “fan event” premiere of Thor: Ragnarok.  Whatever else it is, the movie is top-notch.  And the “event” part wasn’t half-bad either.  Popcorn and soda with a reusable cup?  Check.  A Marvel “medallion” for the movie?  Check. … Continue reading

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Another Step Closer to Ragnarok

We’re not quite there yet, but that’s okay.  Marvel is giving us just enough breadcrumbs to remind us that something is on the way.

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Arrested Development Heads Norse?

Need something to watch after binge-watching season 4 of Arrested Development but before the release of Thor: The Dark World?  Check out this clip of “Thorested Development” by OnlyLeigh.  Saw it posted at Robot 6 this afternoon and quite enjoyed … Continue reading

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