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Education and the Industrial Solvent

Much like liberalism, industrialism has acted as a kind of universal solvent that has assisted in what some would call the dissolution of whatever the most recent world might have been (though we now exist in the wake of its … Continue reading

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Limitless, Prodigal, and Dispersed

One does not have to read far into an essay written by Wendell Berry to sense deep loss, a kind of sadness that both tugs and pulls.  As he acknowledges in his introduction to his most recent collection of writings, … Continue reading

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“Not the only or the easiest way . . .”

Yesterday’s post of Charles Wright reading “Jesuit Graves” got me in the mood for listening to other authors reading their works.  I mentioned Wendell Berry, whose essays and poetry I’ve enjoyed immensely over the last five years (and yet I … Continue reading

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Poetry, Please

This poem by Wendell Berry showed up in my Twitter feed yesterday. I quite like it, particularly as a distillation of Berry’s thought and practice. (hat tip to Nick Ripatrazone)

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Against the Objective

I finally sat down to watch the documentary about the life and work of Wendell Berry, Look and See.  I’d been putting off for a month, but a five-hour plane ride can inspire you like that. The movie begins with … Continue reading

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Community and Wholeness

A few weeks ago, I posted a quick reflection on Wendell Berry’s thoughts on community and health.  I think about that essay often, which is why another chunk of it shows up here today.  This is from 1994, before the … Continue reading

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Health and Community

From Wendell Berry’s “Health is Membership”: I believe that health is wholeness . . . I am not “against technology” so much as I am for community.  When the choice is between the health of a community and technological innovation, … Continue reading

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