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Liturgy as Friendship

I think about worship a lot, even though I rarely if every “lead” in it.  Over the last few years, I’ve tried to learn from more liturgical churches, the how and why of standing and sitting, chanting and reading in … Continue reading

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Surviving Impressions: Bush Tucker

The most recent season of Survivor wrapped up last week on CBS.  It was a fun season for me, as I got to watch it with friends from church.  While I remember watching the first season of the classic reality … Continue reading

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Easter Season for Every Season

We are now a few weeks into the Easter season, at least as far as the “church calendar” is concerned.  It has been interesting for me this year, as I’ve tried to think well about the liturgical calendar, to see … Continue reading

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Augustinian Call and Cappadocian Collapse

Two of my favorite writers, James K. A. Smith and Alan Jacobs, had very different responses to The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher.  Both, though, started their reviews with historical anecdotes that work well together. Smith, who published first, opened … Continue reading

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Today in Middle Earth

It’s easy to forget that March 25th is quite the day of significance in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  Here are a couple of clips concerning what “happened” today in Middle Earth history. and then I think … Continue reading

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Your End of the Rotting Apple

This recent WuMo deserves some contemplation and reflection, I think.  Particularly as we wrap up the week and start into a three-day weekend. It’s been a decent week.  A little warm for this time of year, even by Honolulu standards. … Continue reading

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When the Game Becomes Stupid

This past Sunday’s classic Calvin and Hobbes works on a number of levels, I think.(image from

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