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An Advent Too Easy?

Christians around the world are now two Sundays into the season of Advent.  These four weeks before Christmas are set aside to help believers reflect on the waiting done for Jesus’ incarnation as we eagerly anticipate his return. I heard … Continue reading

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Crossover Culture

One of the sources of frustration for fans of comic books is the concept of the crossover, that one storyline could “take over” separate-but-connected series for a given period of time.  Such a story can be cool because characters get … Continue reading

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Song for the Roads

I’ve been wondering for a while if the folks over at Creator Arts would post any clips from the 25th anniversary concert of the Community Coffeehouse in Danbury, Connecticut.  I wondered because four of my favorite musicians all played for … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange: Apologist for the Transcendent Frame

Caught a Thursday night showing of Doctor Strange, the latest entry in Marvel Studio’s ever-expanding cinematic universe.  It was a great experience, hitting all of the right notes with storytelling and visual cues. Doctor Strange tells the story of a … Continue reading

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End of Summer Song

I suppose summer ends in different ways for different people.  The start of a new school years.  Labor Day.  A certain feel to the season of movies.  The return of network television after a summer of reruns (or reality television, … Continue reading

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For These Days

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Sunday’s Best: The Back-to-School Haircut

This week’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend is a nice twist on something most everyone understands. (image from

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