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Sunday’s Best: An Academic Exercise in Ethics

It feels like snow brings out the best and the worst in Calvin, as today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes attests.  I need to keep a better file of these for class next semester.  It’s great how Calvin starts with an … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Calvin and the Moral Law

Today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes is one that I’ll be able to use in the spring when I’m reading Mere Christianity with my students.  That Calvin actually utters the phrase “the moral law” is pretty brilliant.  The simplicity and symmetry … Continue reading

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Ethics in Our Everyday

Many of us are armchair warriors when it comes to talking about Our Current Moment.  We speculate much, opinionate often, and are likely to find ourselves recanting a comment when a new article is published or a new announcement is … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: There’s a Name for That, Calvin

Ah, Calvin.  Questioning the place of ethics while fully embracing a version of it . . . We call it ethical egoism. (image from gocomics.com)

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The Ethics of Christmas

It’s the middle of December, which means my mind is slowly turning to January’s change in classroom curriculum, from an overview of Christian Thought to the question of ethics.  Which makes this week’s storyline in Frazz (by Jef Mallett) of … Continue reading

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Running the Halls (or: revisiting Mere Christianity)

One of the few practices I’m trying out over the Advent season is the (re)reading of a book.  Because the season last just over three weeks, I thought it was a decent amount of time to do a slow reread … Continue reading

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Riding on the Trolley . . . Problem

The most recent episode of NBC’s The Good Place did a great job of revisiting some of the ethical themes of the show’s first season . . . from a completely different perspective.  This time around, Chidi was trying to … Continue reading

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